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 Australian Sighting.

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PostSubject: Australian Sighting.   Tue May 15, 2012 4:44 am

Year - 2007 (unknown date). TIME - 10-11pm. Clear Sky.
Note: The light was a solid colour and did NOT have any defining lines around the outside. I was limited with the animation program.

I was sitting on a hill, and noticed a stationary light on another hill.., just under 1km to my left.
It looked like a wide beamed, normal spotlight had been placed maybe 20-30metres high in a tree.
The light was pointing DOWN to the ground. You could make out the ground, and the trees in front of the light.
I thought NOTHING of it, maybe a FARMER set it up for some reason. It did not look abnormal.
I kept talking to my step-brother. Later, I noticed a red light come across the sky fairly slowly.
At first it appeared to be a helicopter, similar size and speed. Yet no sound.
Not believing in Aliens at the time, my only explanation was some sort of new military stealth chopper. Rolling Eyes

The light was about 800meters away, but, being on a hill, I was the same height as it.
The light stopped over my neighbours house. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS WEIRD.
It started to change all sorts of different colours. I can't remember the exact colours or sequence but consisted of RED, BLUE, and GREEN. This surprised me. I had no explanation for a chopper to perform this routine.

I stopped thinking it was a chopper, when..., it stopped changing colours.., and picked one (can't remember exact colour, it was either green or yellow).
THEN, it shot across in one direction in less than a second. Judging from the house below.., it probably travelled about 50-100m, from RIGHT to LEFT, then stopped instantly.
It sat there for maybe a second or two, then moved again. The same speed and distance, yet on a 45degree angle UP and to the RIGHT. After stopping instantly again, it moved on anther 45degree angle DOWN and to the RIGHT. Then repeated this sequence multiple times. The light did not appear to make the ground glow.

After a short time, it stopped making the triangle shape, and sat stationary above the neighbours house. It stayed the same colour, and moved slowly to the SOUTH (my left) towards the spotlight on the next hill over,
After reaching the spotlight, it stayed for a short period of time. Then turned RED again, and proceeded SOUTH - EAST out of my sight.

I have been a member for more than 7 days, but still cannot post links. Please copy and paste the link in your browser address bar, and delete the spaces.

imageshack .us/photo/my-images/109/property. jpg/
img109. imageshack .us/img109/7638/property. jpg

youtube. com/watch?v=1xyzuJdLzdo&feature=youtu. be
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PostSubject: Re: Australian Sighting.   Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:08 am

Cool story,thanks for sharing.
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Australian Sighting.
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