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 Anti Gravity Technology

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Mike Good
CE 1

Number of posts : 155
Location : Left Field, California
Registration date : 2009-03-12

PostSubject: Anti Gravity Technology   Tue May 26, 2009 3:51 am

I would not call myself a voracious reader, but I am always reading something. Every once in while I read a book that really blows my mind.

There have been a few I have read in the past couple of years that really resonate; The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton; Supernatural by Graham Hancock; The Biology of Transcendence by Joseph Chilton Pearce; and the latest one: Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion by Paul LaViolette.

Folks, if you have an interest in the UFO subject, government secrecy and "prohibited" physics, this book is a must read. LaViolette is a physicist and he knows his stuff. He lays out the technology gleaned from open sources and a little sleuthing and relates it to our real world. Whether this technology originates with man or comes from somewhere else, the implications of it go far beyond making flying saucers.

The technologies defy some of Newton's supposedly "absolute" laws of physics. Our academic institutions either reject or are unaware of this stuff because it does not fit in with their text-book learning. But it is real.

So, how about zero-point energy? Done deal. We have it. So, how about increasing the efficiency of our aircraft by say 30% or so, with simple technology. No prob. So how about clean electro-magnetic energy generation whose primary side-effect is lowering the ambient temperature in the immediate vicinity of the generator? Yeppers, done deal.

Folks, we have this stuff. The feds are keeping it all under wraps under the universally specious guise of "National Security".

Ahem. The feds are sociopaths.

We can begin to undo a great deal of the damage done to our planet with dirty, polluting hydrocarbon/reaction technology tomorrow. No more non-disposable nuclear waste. No more dependence on oil and coal. No more runaway generation of green-house gases. No more ultra expensive rockets to get ourselves into space. All of this technology has been obsolete for years.

Sociopath: A person unconcerned about the adverse consequences to others as a result of one's actions

This is your government at work. The people entrusted to take care of us are selling us all down the river, including our dear old mother earth: All for the reward of maintaining their tenuous hegemonic one-upmanship over their trumped-up "adversaries". Only things is, the adversaries have this stuff too. The only people left out of the loop is everybody else, i.e. you and me, John Q. Public.

Here, read this Profile of a Sociopath and see if the definition does not fit:

I am no fan of conspiracy theories. I do not think there is anything to gain by generating loathing and unnecessary fears. But a government that conceals the truth from its citizens, for whatever reason, is on a slippery slope into corruption, unaccountability and, if taken to extremes: sociopathic behavior.

So, is this a case in point?
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PostSubject: Re: Anti Gravity Technology   Tue May 26, 2009 9:53 am

Great post Mike Good. Very Happy I enjoyed what you've written. "We" are not the only ones "waking up" and smelling the "coffee". Very Happy That "could" even be by "design".

The slope is slippery on that "path" as the super-conducting "elect-trons" of society and their minders allow with their "green" grease and double-speak and of course, leverage of all sorts.

The gent you mention is one of about a half-dozen from "this-era" doing effective work and analysis and in "certain" professionally-oriented private libraries and some military colleges are taken "at face-value", just very, very "quietly". The few "dribs" and "drabs" I caught in the '50's, '60's, '70's and particularly in the Reagan years would support much of what you express as concern. What has Lockheed-Martin been doing with those 4000 or so "Skunk Works" employees for the past 20 years or so? How in the blazes does SAIC stay in biz? It's a very long list.

I agree that "enough" evidence is all around us daily in practical and plain view to at least have the notion to question much of what was at the "blurry-edges" of physics when I received my formal education. Very Happy Many folks nowadays just take "tech" for granted and are more interested in televised humiliation contests than any of the common sense "demonstrations" of folks like LaViolette and others - folks can "use" a Blackberry - damn few know "how" it works or could "create" such a device. Sagan had a great quote about this "lack of observance" but I'm old and can't remember it. Very Happy

Yup, that's some slippery-path.

Cheers for you, Mike Good,

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PostSubject: Re: Anti Gravity Technology   Tue May 26, 2009 6:32 pm

Hi Mike.

I have read Graham Hancock's "FIngerprints of the Gods" and Colin Wilson's "Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals". Mr Wilson does touch on the subject of our abilities not being what they once were.

I am going to read a series of Mr Hancock's books this summer (I like to sit outside and read). His book "Supernatural" is one of a few on the list.

I also maintain the governments keep things secret for selfish reasons. If they have to reveal the craft from Roswell or Kecksburg PA, then they have to reveal what they have learned to other countries.

Until someone finally gets smoking gun proof of the above, the government will keep it secret.
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New Member

Number of posts : 8
Registration date : 2009-09-12

PostSubject: Re: Anti Gravity Technology   Sat Oct 17, 2009 4:55 am

that all made very little sense and had pretty much nothing to do with anti-gravity

I'll try to revive this since it's a good topic. Why can't anyone come up with a believable theory for anti-gravity on this website?

Well, I doubt any brilliant scientists would bother with such a poorly built, rarely viewed, and ill-maintained forum.

just my two cents but I'm not a scientist.

I'd think the first step to overcoming gravity would be to name it properly.
It's more like reverse-centrifugal force than some mysterious made up word like gravity.

And, no that silly contraption made of foil and balsa wood doesn't count. It was busted on the Mythbusters by putting it in a vacuum. It generates lift by exerting force on the surrounding air.
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CE 1

Number of posts : 178
Age : 63
Location : McClusky ND
Registration date : 2009-10-05

PostSubject: Re: Anti Gravity Technology   Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:33 pm

Anyone who has seen what my wife and I saw, knows that Anti-Gravity or whatever you would like to call it exists. This is what keeps me awake at night and forces me to get to the bottom of knowing who the ship we saw belongs to. There is some form of physics that kept that ship in the air and moving.

I can't sit by and watch while the truth is not being told to us. I want to be part of the truth that changes who we are.

There are so many applications that could be utilized to improve how we live and what we live for. We just have to be able to understand that we must progress from a society that bases needs on greed, and transitions into one that evolves into a new society without it.

I know... wishful thinking. But I believe we can attain that goal if we really wanted to. We must start thinking differently if we are going to be shown this technology and be able to use it. The only things that causes greed, is not having something.
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PostSubject: Re: Anti Gravity Technology   

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Anti Gravity Technology
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