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 Strange new audio technology brought a visitor

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PostSubject: Strange new audio technology brought a visitor   Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:06 am

A form of audio entrainment that, although based on a mildly similar physical science to the more common audio toning techniques, has been formed from a completely new system generated by a single scientist who isn't very well known.
The frequencies he makes are ODD, to say the least, and have been getting a ton of pretty odd reactions from the underground communities following his work...and I mean ODD.

I share these stories because for one I think this guy's work needs more credit for what people have gotten out of it. Also, these seem like they can really actually help people.

These stories that I am about to share here with you are literally taken from facebook, and yahoo forums where thousands of users post their personal, subjective experiences with these audio tracks. From many different walks of life, these people are reporting in, on a regular basis, otherworldly results that to my mind blow the rest of the audio entrainment tools straight out of the water.
“While playing the frequencies today in my office, with screen door and windows
open to my yard, the wild birds started surrounding my house and were trying as hard
as they could to get inside to the sounds, repeatedly "attacking" my screen door and
even entering my garage searching out the source of the sound. DNA Sweet Spin
and Ibogaine seemed to attract them the most. When I tried to shoosh them away,
they completely ignored me, showing no fear and continued to try to come inside. Wow!
What an experience!”

"Dispel Darkness
Friday, December 4, 2009 9:44 PM
From: "englishvinal"

After downloading the MP-3 I played it twice.

I did not notice any particular effect on me personally, but the young fellow from across the street came to my house and knocked on the front door (presumably while the D.D. was playing because I did not hear him), --- and later in the afternoon he called and asked me who was "the man" (tall blond, blue eyed) that answered the door , looked "right through him", and told him to "go back where he came from - and that I was not "accepting visitors".

??????? / !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the young fellow across the street evil in some way?

Was this beautiful blond man some kind of entity that decided that I needed protection?

Who knows, but it was "different"...

Thanks for your gift.... Nancy E.v."

"Hello Group

I have an interesting report on the events that occurred whilst playing the Dispel Darkness max for the first time.

First, I'll give you a little background.

I have been a paranormal investigator for going on 13 years.

Over time I have inadvertently brought things home with me. By things I mean various energy.

For the last year, I have had a serious problem with something that won't leave. I've tried EVERYTHINGI can to have it go to where ever it is supposed to be. It has brought havoc and chaos to my household and in particular, my 24 year old daughter. (She’s a police officer). I have this energy's voice on dvr, saying horrible things.

It responds to Christian items, as well to sage smudging..by either accelerated chaos or retreating for a while.

It touches people. It leaves bruises. It has chased us up our hallway. It has no real form..shows as a HUGE black, dense mass. Moves very quickly.

Anyway, I get the Dispel Darkness max series, and immediately put it on. I was in my home office, in the dark, with aforementioned hall lit up two feet from me. Literally two seconds into the first frequency, this huge black mass came shooting up directly behind me...very aggressive energy.

I turned around and struck out my arm to stop what felt like a physical assault..and then..it just dissolved ..Kinda like from big black to "snow" on TV, to nothing! Amazing!

Thank you Doc, from the bottom of my heart.

Carol B."

(These reports are taken from a webpage that hosts literally thousands of reports and they have allowed the proprietor to showcase them. A website called spiralstarz

Why his work isn't super well known is a mystery to me. I am guessing, though, that it's because the compared to other tools out there, the results are intimidating others into silence and disbelief. They just don't want to believe because it shakes their perceptions of reality a little to hard....But considering these are reports from kind, goodhearted people posting in from their own personal emails, who have stayed in contact with the man and the groups for several years, as well as from new people coming in on a daily bases, says to me there's nothing BOGUS about them.

People have experienced: A visitor arriving and answering her door, unbeknownst to her at the time as the track was playing loudly in her house. Later her neighbor called and asked who the tall blonde man was, who answered the door and asked him curtly to go away, as the lady was apparently, "not accepting visitors".

My own experiences have been just as wacky!

Anyone heard of something like this before?

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Strange new audio technology brought a visitor
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