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 Has anyone here seen a ghost?

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PostSubject: Has anyone here seen a ghost?   Mon May 18, 2009 4:13 pm

After my great uncle had passed away, I had a dream in which he visited me and told me he was OK. He was sitting in his favorite chair and was in his usual good spirits. It was not a normal dream in that he was himself, and not the usual dream where the dreamer is in control. It is hard to explain, but some may know what I mean.

I am not going to say he was a ghost visiting me in my dream, but it was quite real. If I had walked into the living room and saw him sitting on his favorite chair, that would be different. Still, the memory is quite vivid, unlike most dreams where I tend to forget them after a while.

How many here have seen a ghost?

Thank you and Goddess bless,

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PostSubject: Re: Has anyone here seen a ghost?   Mon May 18, 2009 11:53 pm

When I was a young boy I saw the Virgin Mary as clear and as real as anyone standing right in front of you. My father was volunteering his electricians skills to help refurbish one of the buildings on the church grounds, we were inside the main church where my dad was talking to the priest about the work. I was walking around looking at everything and as I looked up towards the rafters there she was, a beautiful lady in a blue flowing robe hovering up near the ceiling looking down at me ... I stood frozen in awe and focused my eyes harder on her to make sure I was really seeing this ... she smiled and winked at me.
I was scared and walked back to the rear exit of the church where my dad and the priest were standing and talking, they obviously didn't see anything and I was just so totally in shock that I remained silent and just stayed close to my fathers side until we left.

I eventually mentioned it to my mother one day and not much was made of it because I was only about 6 years old at the time. To this day my mom remembers me telling her what I saw and I'll be 50 this november.

It changed my life in a way that I always knew in my heart that God was real and the story of christianity was real because I had seen the mother of Jesus with my own eyes appear before me, and she acknowledged me with a smile and a wink to seal it and confirm that it wasn't just a daydream or something, it was real.

So from that time on I have always been a proponent for Jesus and his mother the Blessed Virgin Mary. I have always tried to do my best to spread the word of faith to others from the time I was a little boy because of that special gift I was given by being one of the few to ever see such a vision. But I lived a normal life, it wasn't like I was out on street corners preaching or anything , but I was always there to offer love and support to anyone in need and I would always try and plant a seed in them to go to Christ in their time of sorrow or suffering. I never told anyone else about the vision for most of my life, just recently in the last 10 years or so have I told more people.

When I was 13 or 14 years old I was working for the summer at the boardwalk along the Jersey shore in Seaside Heights, a tourist destination on the beach with rides and amusements. I had missed my ride home with my friends and I hitch-hiked to get back over the bridge and onto the mainland to get home ... I was picked up by a man who started talking to me about the mysteries of life and of God , he told me things that nobody would ever know and he gave me instructions about events which would happen in the future, some of those things have come to pass. This happened around 1974 or so , one of the major things he told me about took place in my life in 1986. I remember he had pulled into a Hess Gas Station parking lot where I had asked to be dropped off at , I remember him turning on his interior lights in the car and showing me the scars across his forehead which he said was the scars from the crown of thorns placed on Jesus' head... he showed me his hands and turned his palms up so I could see the nail marks the size of quarters on each palm. I don't recall him ever saying he was Jesus and I never asked, I was just completely blown away by what he had told me. Some of the things I could remember, but most of it was so overwhelming that I feel it was stuff that was burned into my soul, truths that words could never describe.

When I was just out of highschool a friend of mine who I had played pop-warner and highschool football with asked me to help him out ... his dad had died recently and his mother and sister moved to arizona, he was living in the house the family had grown up in and was troubled by everything that had happened. He was down about the fact that the local hospital "had killed his dad" as he put it , he went in for a simple procedure and mysteriously died. What he didn't tell me was that his house was haunted with a ghost or spirit and he was freaked out by it, only later did I find all this out after he apologized and told the whole story.

He purposely put me upstairs in the haunted room where he said I could crash that night, his girlfriend was staying the night with him in the downstairs master bedroom, she had no idea either, this was something so freaky that he couldn't tell anyone, it was so bad that it caused his mom and sister to move out and leave the state.
So there I was in the haunted bedroom getting ready to go to bed that night, unaware of any of this. There was a Bible in the room and a statue of St. Joseph on the nighstand (he was from an Irish/catholic family like me), so I read a few verses from the word and turned out the lights ... i don't know how much time passed but I was in a deep deep sleep when all hell broke loose.

Have you ever been in such a deep sleep that someone is standing next to you trying to wake you up and you're oblivious to it? that was me ... and I'm usually a light sleeper.
I'm startled out of this deep sleep to open my eyes and see the bedroom lights turned on and my friend standing there in the middle of the room wearing a long raincoat with this look of terror in his face ... he's screaming "are you ok?" ... "WTF is going on?" ... "did you hear that?" ..... he tells me that him and his girlfriend are leaving the house, they woke up in their room downstairs and heard a marching band blasting in the upstairs bedroom where I was sleeping ... they heard what sounded like the weight bars being dropped onto the floor and could hear the weights clanking ... it freaked them out so bad but at first they weren't sure what was happening, they thought I had started throwing the weights around the room ... and then they heard the marching band and it was so incredibly loud that they were both sitting up in their bed freaked out in the dark room...and then he told me later that two glowing red eyes appeared in his still darkened bedroom down near the foot of their bed ... they were moving and hovering and they were pure evil. They later told me that they both jumped out of bed and ran out of the house in a complete panic ... he eventually got the nerve up to re-enter the house and warn me that they were leaving.
All I knew at the time I was awoken was the little he blabbered to me about loud crashing sounds coming from the room I was sleeping in and the marching band sounds .. and then he was out of there , gone ... into his car and gone !

I stood up from the bed and looked around .... I noticed the Bible was strewn across the floor like it had been thrown. I noticed the little religious statue was now lying face-down on the nighstand ... I realized that something had happened and I needed to get out of there. I didn't even know about the red eyes at that point , he hadn't told me the whole story as he was freaking out. And I didn't know about the house being haunted either, but I didn't like what I saw with the Bible being thrown to the floor and the statue lying facedown so I left too.

The next day I needed to get something that I left inside the house so I called "Jim", he said he was not going back in there but he said I could go get my things if I was brave enough.
So I went back by myself after learning the whole story and I had to prepare myself spiritually and psyche my mind up to enter and go upstairs and then get out of there in one piece ... so I stood by the front door and I prayed for Jesus to lead the way, I prayed the blood of Jesus to protect me from all harm, I prayed for the Virgin Mary to watch over me and protect me ... I opened the door with a cross necklace in my hand and shouted out loud inside the house "satan I bind you in the name of Jesus.. the blood of Jesus covers me and protects me" I yelled as I dashed thru the living room and sprinted up the stairs to get the wallet I had left in that haunted bedroom ... I found it and did a quick survey of the room, it was all the same ... bible on the floor, staue lying face down , the weight-bar with weights lying in the middle of the room... I turned and pleaded the blood of Jesus on my way out.

"Jim" moved to Arizona after that and I've never talked to him since then. But what struck me was how I could be protected in my sleep throughout all of that comotion, and I thank God for that protection. How two people could hear and see things happening, and hear crashing loud noises coming from a room that someone else is fast asleep in , its amazing.
I believe the spiritual unseen world and the physical flesh world overlap sometimes and the unseen warfare reveals itself , and I also believe that the protecting blood of Jesus is there to protect us , just as God used the blood in the old testament during Passover to protect the Jews from the spirit of death over Egypt. The blood of the Sacrificial Lamb was used and can still be used today by any believer.
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PostSubject: Re: Has anyone here seen a ghost?   Tue May 19, 2009 7:09 pm

Thank you for sharing those wonderful and very personal experiences with us, LakeHurstNJ. I am planning to go to some cemeteries with a few friends this fall (the allegedly haunted ones). I still don't know which ones we will visit, but I will report if any paranormal or unexplained event is witnessed.

Goddess bless,

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PostSubject: Re: Has anyone here seen a ghost?   Thu May 21, 2009 5:46 pm

You have had very profound experiences, Lake. I can see them solidifying your faith a great deal.

When I was a little girl, I saw a woman in my bedroom, and in the hallway. She was really quite a frightening woman, and there was just a "feel' about the room when she was there. One of the most quizzical elements was that she had no feet. It was as though she was chopped off at the lower leg above the ankles, but yet there was that gap between her and the floor. Whereas I only saw her, my younger brother claims that he was actually "hit" by her, and I do know that one night he woke up screaming horrifically saying something was shaking his bed. In his defense, I did hear a lot of racket from his room, so i don't really doubt him. When our mother went in to the room, she said that he was sitting on a non-moving bed. When she brought him out he looked absolutely terrified, and he was drenched from tears (and maybe sweat). My mother had a couple of incidents as well, but she always kept them from us until we moved, and were a bit older. My grandmother continued living there, and it got to the point where she wouldn't even leave her room to go to the bathroom in the night. People who lived there before said that they had trains set up in the room my brother had as a bedroom, and that the trains would just start up in the middle of the night.
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PostSubject: Re: Has anyone here seen a ghost?   Fri May 22, 2009 5:39 pm

Thank you Pearl for sharing that rather scary story. I have always believed there are ghosts even though I never seen one (other than the mentioned dream). I have read a few books about some rather interesting ghost sightings, and I will cite them here when I find the titles again as it has been a while since I read them.
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PostSubject: Ghosts   Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:34 am

I'm not entirely sure about this. I do know the Bible says the dead in Christ will rise first. Indicating that when we die we are still here, but honestly I dunno. I'm fascinated with this subject, I have had several creepy experiences with supernatural things of this nature especially when I was a kid. My aunt and uncle raised me and my brother and sister. You could say I had a rough childhood, not complaining, it made me the wonderful father I am today. But I did have a hard time adjusting to my relatives. I had night terrors frequently and when we moved out to the country my dreams took on a whole different aspect. I remember being in that foggy state somewhere between sleep and consciousness. At least that's what it felt like everytime something happened. I remember one night I woke up and it was in the middle of the summer however my room was unnaturally cold. I could "feel" a presence in the room and I could feel the hatred and malice pouring out of it. I could never manage to look or even open my eyes, I remember trying to scream at the top my lungs but nothing would come out! It was the scariest thing I have ever dealt with in my life! Each time this would happen the entity would seem closer, until the last couple of times I could feel it right on my cheek!

I got married and joined the Navy and didn''t experience anything like that for some years, until one night my wife woke up afraid and at that same moment I let out a blood curddling scream. You see my wife had a dream I was in danger or experiencing some heavy fear. I was awake when she woke however I was trying to
shout for at least two minutes before she woke up! You see that same old thing creep in my room again, only
this time I could feel its breath on my face, again I could not open my eyes. It felt enormous and my throat
was being crushed. The entity then spoke a horrific paragraph in a language I've never heard and a voice
definitely not of this world. To be honest I've got goose bumps just reliving that memory now. I could feel
absolute hatred in every word it uttered. Scary! Anyway I managed to scream and my wife was already
awake so we got up and turned on the light to talk for awhile when I notice some very strange writing on our
wall above our headboard and on my pillow!
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PostSubject: I've seen several ghosts   Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:05 pm

Me and my friend both saw one in the bar where I used to work. It drifted across the room and disappeared into the wall. It was just a tall slender white glowing shape, couldn't see any details. I saw another one in the barn where I kept my horse. Another friend was with me and also saw it. It was a cowboy and he was wearing a blue plaid shirt, levis and a cowboy hat. A friendly one just hanging out in the barn area. I saw the same one again a few years later. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Has anyone here seen a ghost?   Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:18 am

I have never - once - ever - witnessed a "ghost." In my life there were two people who, if ANYONE was going to "come back", should have, but never did. I personally don't believe in ghosts.
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PostSubject: Re: Has anyone here seen a ghost?   

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Has anyone here seen a ghost?
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