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     atlantis the missing country

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    PostSubject: atlantis the missing country   Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:20 pm

    Atlantis residents perished by their own technology, there are some even today as the rebirth of the earth, they were so technologically advanced that they could spiritualize themselves, so most of them became spiritual artificially, but it did not spiritualized through evolution, so they are artificial spiritual, and have some human weaknesses remain, some chose to continue to be physical, such as rebirth as centuries go, they have access to a few UFOs, but do not want any contact with extraterrestrials, but sees the Earth as their planet , and want to educate people in less restrictive, because they need genes from living people, they are physical, and spiritual who want to rebirth, as physical again, there are many prominent human persons through world history, which may have been reborn atlantisbor, when for m, i, b, men in black, it may be atlantisbor, which would prevent mankind contact with aliens .............. the artificial spiritual Atlantis residents was not enough "clean" in their spirituality because, it was created by them themselves, so there is still fighting, in the spiritual world, they are arguing about who should be king of Andalusia, when Atlantis sank into the sea, then fled the surviving physical to the province of Andalucia in Portugal / Spain (EROPS oldest city is also cardiz in Andalusia. and Portugal, is the first country in Europe)
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    PostSubject: Re: atlantis the missing country   Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:18 am

    The problem with Atlantis is, because it was not found where it was alleged to be, people are looking everywhere for it. Why? This in itself speaks volumes regarding thinking. Then too:

    To many, however, Atlantis is not just a lost continent. It is a lost world. The Atlanteans were extraterrestrials who destroyed themselves with nuclear bombs or some other extraordinarily powerful device. Atlantis was a place of advanced civilization and technology. Lewis Spence, a Scottish mythologist who used "inspiration" instead of scientific methods, attributes Cro-Magnon cave paintings in Europe to displaced Atlanteans (Feder, 130). Helena Blavatsky and the theosophists of the late 19th century invented the notion that the Atlanteans had invented airplanes and explosives and grew extraterrestrial wheat. The theosophists and James Churchward also invented Mu, a lost continent in the Pacific Ocean. Psychic healer Edgar Cayce claimed to have had psychic knowledge of Atlantean texts which assisted him in his prophecies and cures. J.Z. Knight claims that Ramtha, the spirit she channels, is from Atlantis.

    How can one define something that has never been found? This is akin to the kind of thinking that put us in the predicament we are in today - no data - just speculative dreaming. Everything is the brain - and just like trying to ride a wild horse without breaking it first, we wind up on the ground wondering how we got there. scratch
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    atlantis the missing country

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