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 the humany brain and ufo

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PostSubject: the humany brain and ufo   Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:14 pm

UFOs FROM PARALELLVÄRLDAR AND HUMAN MEDVETANDETdet are theories about UFOs operated by magnetism, but theorists argue that it would not work with the earth's magnetism. but can it be that they use the Earth's south pole respektivenordpols tensile force to manövera in our atmosphere, and that there is paralellvärldar to earth somhar its own magnetism. can it be that visitors ufo from our parallel worlds use sinvärlds magnetism towards component-video world, and thus can manifest itself in our sky as a visitor from enannan dimmension, paralellvärld to Earth time travel would be impossible in our dimension, but you can take himself out of line, a annandimmension, paralellvärld time and space should be equal in all dimmensioner. but you can check addressed to a dimmension, paralellvärld, which has come much further ahead than we have in development, the same tidmen perhaps 50 000 years later in development, so you can actually call it a journey, a journey into iframtiden, yet the same time but different space-time and space time is the same everywhere but the room bills, the same time, or the moment, but in another room, another dimmensiondet might explain ufo rapid movement and sudden försvinnand b, they simply become invisible when switching to his dimmension igendet are many stories throughout history of people and objects, which disappears into thin air, they would probably end up in another world perhaps evigtdet human consciousness, it has happened often världshisorien that great inventions harkommit until approximately the same time, without the inventor has had knowledge of their colleagues' work, survival instinct and sexual instinct we humans have the survival instinct built into our minds, and which also includes sexual urges, if we are to survive as a species, we must multiply osssexuellt, so the sexual needs varayttersta of self-preservation in consciousness before death därföratt species is to survive as freud psychology father're probably right in many respects, when he assumes the sexual homosexuals have DInsert this survival instinct, self-preservation of game, but still running built-in itself, so would the higher consciousness to control it (people with higher consciousness) so they end up all in the primitive sexual instinct to multiply himself in order to survive as art.nu use their primitive urge to loudly convince their medmäniskor on his right tillexixtens, but they are Sorry dead, extinct forever, if they do not acquire an offspring in all fallmed the opposite könet.det collective consciousness all human beings including animals included in the collective medvetandetvi is like a huge organism, telepathic, but so intimately bound to each other as a species that we do not notice it, we Delete where us under our noses if we are liteövr , sniffed at us if we are a little over, scratching us at various places on the body, but it's just thoughts and feelings that move all the time, through the collective body called människorförhöjt consciousness we have visits from aliens, other worlds, other dimmensioner , define all the earth for many thousand years. they have had contact through the whole story to this day. many so-called geniuses and uppfiningar through world history, may have been contact some people, all over the world, today's contact, gets help from his friends from other worlds, and there are also operations of the human brain, to increase their capacity, for example, by connecting combined right and left hemisphere, with one can call detmikroskopiska nerve fibers, these operations are extremely fast and with an incredible skill, utanatt there is no external visible sign that an operation was carried out, the people who get förhöjtmedvetanehet are aware of their operations, control of the consciousness of the people who have been trained and or surgery, have higher awareness than the collective human mass consciousness, and thereby have an overview of the whole world, and can also intervene in the collective consciousness, to situate ideas, influences, to get it withers collective consciousness to go forward, make progress mostly with spiritual direction, but also scientific impact is negative forces, it is also out with a consistent and worldly powers so adverse to the masses ochvärldens progress.
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Mark Alexander
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Location : Darwen, Lancashire, England
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PostSubject: I'm a contactee and my Human Alien friends always give me as much information as we on earth are allowed to receive.   Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:02 pm

My Human Alien friends have telepathically told me that their craft are 'weightless' due to an anti-gravity technology, and everything in and on the craft is balanced gravitationally so no G forces are present. The outside surface area of the craft interacts with a magnetic encasing bubble like energy, and with the craft being weightless and also absorbing all wind resistance the slightest movement in any direction can send it to thousands of miles per hour. They can also propel their craft at near infinite speeds, but that technology has already been explained in this forum by myself.
They scale the universe differently to us, we scale it with light years, they scale with the number of suns closely passed. They move through the universe from near to one sun to near to another, using their light as a direction point, passing the space between as fast as we walk through doors. People have commented to me how the light of a distant sun isn't where that sun is now, but I have never said that it is, I have said they use the light of suns as direction points to travel between that space.
They have told me time travel is not possible, they seem to think this is a laughable subject, time doesn't exist for it is only a documented scale, only now exists, and now, now, now, etc. Tomorrow doesn't exist and yesterday doesn't exist.
There is only so much they will teach us, for they do not want our corrupted and deceptive governments to build UFO technologies, they tell me we have to master ourselves before we are allowed to master the universe, we will not be permitted to take our problems elsewhere in the universe.
Some UFOs and crew of can pass through into the spiritual realms and back into the physical, and they adding to this by saying we are all originally spiritual beings and then the universe as we know it being automatically constructed by itself but being began by life forms that made that possible.
I've asked them where did the first life originate from, what and when was the first life, and how did that begin, and the building materials for that first life where did they come from, and they replied with, " We don't know, we don't know everything, that is as baffling to us as it is to you."
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the humany brain and ufo
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