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 "Die Glocke" - The Past Present of a Possible Future

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PostSubject: Re: "Die Glocke" - The Past Present of a Possible Future   Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:32 pm

I don't know dayanx'. Really. There was more than one natural event underway - a meteor storm and a "solar" event. There was more than one human event "on the go" too - four USAF launches from two countries in a very short 'window", dispatching of multiple US tax-payer-funded "crews", etc.

There was a time as a young man that I liaised at a facility that spanned two countries... "research", you see? HARP, not HAARP. "On-loan" to interpret for the civvies in a PR capacity as it were. All-proper scientific research in the public-good. Understand? Singularly triple-good double-speak. Has anyone ever heard of previously declassified and unclassified documents (none "secret") undergoing "classification review" decades after being released to an archival repository? I hadn't.

I am a bit not-unhappily "miffed". Very Happy I went 3 for 41 at the National Archives over a day-and-a-half. Got to ride my 810 Commando though. Very Happy Certain documents I had requested were "pulled" recently and the archivist was "unable to ascertain the deposition" of the docs - just the "pull date" and the Ministry involved. They were "nothing special" - just a test, you see? I'd read them before - within the last 18 months. Very Happy At times a non-answer is "the answer". Big freakin' smile.

The 3 docs I got were to do with transfer of certain controlled "perishable" substances to places that might not ordinarily have a need for such materials nor the personnel associated with it's competent and safe handling. Very Happy

One must watch the watchers watch and mark the times and what they watch us watch. Very Happy

Yeah dayanx, why launch 10's of millions of dollars worth of classified satellites on Delta rockets out of Vandenberg in two classified launches into a maelstrom of celestial fireballs on Dec 9 1965? Military intelligence. Very Happy All the while we have two US personnel in orbit on Gemini VII saying "I've got a bogey at 10 O'clock high" (astronaut Lovell) surfing the same meteor storm...

Oh! I sorted where the "map" of the trajectory I had a friend plot from the diagram in J Farrell's book. It looks the same as the map Stan Gordon is drawing on in the Robert Stack hosted "Unsolved Mysteries" episode on Kecksburg some years back - it includes the deviation to the SE and the "S-bends" of the terminal phase just before it's arrival in Kecksburg. I'm working on two other "maybe" trajectories. I've an astronomy-friend looking into The Royal Astronomical Society's documents and certain parts of this "storm" do not entirely make sense to me at this point.

The timing of all the various events is very compressed dayanx, and at this time I agree that, "they knew it was coming". I'm just not sure of how many "theys" are involved. Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: "Die Glocke" - The Past Present of a Possible Future   Fri Jun 19, 2009 6:30 pm

The Sporrenberg information as far as it goes (which isn't that far) is problematic. No problem - the impossible just takes a little longer - that's all. Very Happy

I've "read" some of Witkowski's relation of events translated from Polish. I will wait until a full-English translation is available before doing too, too much more.

Gerlach and Schumann "seem" key. I've studied both their bios and scientific profiles and various achievements of scientific note and can think of no two more "apt" to be involved in "Die-Glocke" development.

I'm postulating at this point the device was for a radical form of materials enrichment that made use of field effects to "contain" a sample for bombardment with an energetic beam source. It's similar to the Stern-Gerlach effect experiments but using magnetic containment in the X, Y and Z axis.

Sporrenberg's exact "testimony" is not really available but it would not seem unreasonable that it does exist somewhere today. "If" Sporrenberg was "correct" (he was an engineer)in his description then this notion of a Mercury based gel isotope as part of the spinning armatures "is very problematic" from a "known" physics perspective. Gerlach did "fool around" with Mercury. Mercury may possess certain "exotic-qualities" under conditions imposed by "less well-known" physics. I'd have used less "magnetically-neutral" materials. I don't believe for a second the Brits (MI-19) would have "given up" Sporrenberg unless they had "the data elsewhere", but they'd also have known that the Polish would "give up" any data from Sporrenberg to the CCCP's NKVD - so maybe Sporrenberg "didn't exactly have ALL the correct data". Hmph. A bother. Very Happy

If I could get some reasonable specs I could calculate and approximate the masses involved. Any of the diagrams I've seen suggested in any media could exhibit some pretty large inertial forces AND might behave "top-heavy" even given contra-rotating masses. We're potentially talking about 1000's of pounds of mass spun at a rather high RPM - there would be extreme gyro-effects to contend with AND resonant harmonics of various components AND the thermal factor (which no one really mentions much). The test stand fixtures would be very robust.

Take the "juice" from a power plant and "plug it in" to a device of "Die-Glocke's" dimensions and one can't get rid of the heat easily - no mention is made of a cooling system (much less a super-cooling loop) - but a liquid metal outer jacket phase-change structure is what I'd try or a thermal-to-plasma exchanger of some sort. Even only running for two minutes it would get very, very, very hot unless that heat were drawn-away.

With the exception of the specific statement about Mercury, I suspect there is a reasonable case to be made for the physics supporting a device for the enrichment of nuclear materials. Mercury may have been involved but I don't understand "why" Mercury. Any of the strongly positive or negative value magnetically susceptible metals would have been a more likely choice.

My trip to the National Archives has given several names; "new names" - the kind of names that are "issued" with new identities that don't differ too much from a "new-comer's" speaking accent. At least one of these names is traceable to "sensitive" research in Canada - there may be more. Recently, it has been discovered by Canadian journalists that "other non-scientific operatives" were given a "cover" for certain services rendered after WWII. More after a bit.

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PostSubject: Re: "Die Glocke" - The Past Present of a Possible Future   Sat Aug 01, 2009 5:01 pm

I ordered "The Giza Death Star" by Joseph Farrell. It seems like the most interesting book he has written, and I decided to get that one first. It also is in line to the subjects that I have been reading about.
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PostSubject: Re: "Die Glocke" - The Past Present of a Possible Future   Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:41 pm

Gee I'm still trying to have him confirmed as "Doctor". LOL. You'll enjoy the spelling mistakes, changed fonts mid-page and other "stuff" that may or may not raise an eyebrow kidflash2008. Very Happy Actually he's a fun read. Very Happy

That said, I do enjoy his speculation even if he knows little about physics beyond buzz-words. He's a pretty good storyteller. The Sporrenberg "disclosure" still does not sit "well" with me for a variety of reasons. Got a couple ex-IDF buddies working on that. The Polish version of Witkowski's work was little help. I'm waiting for his publisher to take my hundred-odd dollars and send a copy in English to a proxy-friend.

Where I think a follow-on development of the device was located is on my list of places to visit before the snow falls. Very Happy Actually the hypothetical test-site is beneath a cement distribution facility that for whatever reason was blasted out of bedrock some decades ago to a depth not easily explained. I managed to leverage some positive response from a local historian in that locale. Very Happy Tons of pics of the facilities in question.

Remember Miethe? Seems a certain brilliant designer had access to this aero-individual and perhaps many more involved in other non-aerodynamic "interests" before some of the various and sundry projects (some claim as many as 16 Special Projects) were for whatever reason "abandoned" and he left for NZ. His physics and chemistry background rival his aerodynamic engineering prowess. Very Happy

No love loss between he and the US at that demarcation point. I had my grand-daughter take a crack at the "Mercury-problem". It's still a problem. Very Happy Her numbers were less conservative than mine and we both come up with mass problems - specifically balance related and more generally related to magneto-dynamics or rather lack-thereof. Mercury just does not have the material properties that lends itself easily to such a device.

She (Dear thing) has the notion that the basic device "could" unzip the fabric of space-time-matter locally by alternating the DC polarity and consequently the "frame-dragging" effect. I'm personally unsure of that but she's the one with the doctorate so I won't discount that at this time. Now... should that be the case? We would have in effect a true doomsday weapon and if "upscaled" enough - that'd really piss off any alien and "might" explain their attentions beyond nukes and before nukes. It might also explain the lack of use/misuse of nuclear weapons by humans on this planet against ourselves since WWII. It's just idle speculation at this point. Very Happy

Thanks for taking an interest and enjoy your reading kidflash2008. Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: "Die Glocke" - The Past Present of a Possible Future   Sun Aug 02, 2009 5:31 pm

I was debating about what books to get of his and the reviews are all over the place. I read the reviews that tell me if an author is just repeating much of the same from an earlier book. Many of them tend to do that after their first idea and then they run out of ideas but need to sell more books.

The pyramids are an interest to me and I just want to read about his theory of what they were used for.

I am hoping Jim Marrs does a book on Nazi technology during the war as he always has great references.
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PostSubject: Re: "Die Glocke" - The Past Present of a Possible Future   

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"Die Glocke" - The Past Present of a Possible Future
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