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PostSubject: UFO MATRIX REVIEW BY JOSEPH DORMER   Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:25 am

UFO Matrix
UFO Matrix is a bi-monthy, glossy UFO magazine, launched last year under the editorship of Philip Mantle. Price: £5.99.www.healingsofatlantis.com
UFO Matrix, vol 1, issue 4

I have been asked to publish David P. Kuhlman's review of UFO Matrix on this website, but there seems little point as it tells us next to nothing about the content of the magazine. You can read Kuhlman’s output in its entirety here, and I’ll give you the gist of what he says, but I’m sure you’d like to know what’s actually in this new publication before going out and buying a copy.

Kuhlman begins by telling us how awful other UFO publications are, viz. they are ‘riddled from cover to cover... with utter trash talk’. Is UFO Matrix any different, then? Indeed it is. In fact, enthuses Kuhlman, ‘it is a site [sic] to behold’. This is no less than the truth. Matrix has a seductive snazziness that has even a pauper like me coppering up the six quid required to purchase a copy without even a furtive dip into its pages. Furthermore, Kuhlman confides, some incredibly hard work has gone into its production. It must have. One can only take one’s hat off to Phil Mantle and his helpers for finally getting it onto the bookstands, including those of W.H. Smith no less. The result, Kuhlman tells us, is stunning. ‘No other [magazine] can hold a candle to its creation... Never in the whole history of human endeavour...’. OK, he didn’t say that, only the bit about the candle. But what’s in it? Alas, Kuhlman is silent on this score, though he does tell you what’s not in it: advertisements.

This means that Matrix is jam-packed full of articles on UFOs – I use the term as it will be understood by most readers of this publication: as a synonym for extraterrestrial spacecraft. We have articles on UFO crashes, alien retrievals, back-engineering, ancient astronaut theories and revisionist mythology interpreted to show we were visited by extraterrestrials in the past. This will doubtless delight most UFO buffs out there. It’s what people want and it would be churlish to pretend otherwise. I’m not sure what Kuhlman means when he says the magazine is ‘balanced’, though. True, there’s the odd ‘debunking’ piece arguing that such-and-such a case has a prosaic explanation, but this only supports the old adage that exceptions prove the rule: in this case, the ‘rule’ being that most UFOs are solid, metallic spacecraft piloted by aliens (who are retrieved from the wreckage of crashed UFOs, taken to underground military bases and so on). So yes, you could say the magazine is ‘balanced’ – but only within the narrow ET band of the ufological spectrum. Is there nothing that touches on the more perplexing aspects of the UFO experience? Well, in the current issue (number 4) there are a couple of articles with titles that promise a wider perspective but a cursory glance at the main body of text reveals that their authors are no less firmly locked into the old ET paradigm than are the others. One titled ‘UFOs and High Strangeness’ seems to hint at an understanding of the surreal nature of the UFO phenomenon but it turns out to be predicated, like the rest, on the unquestioned presumption that the aliens are just technologically so far in advance of us they can do amazing things. Another article highlights the peculiar way UFOs seem to mirror our own technology (if not slightly lagging behind, with their dials, levers and push-buttons) – which should have led the author to challenge the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH). Instead, he concludes that these specific sightings are not of authentic UFOs but merely of terrestrial craft - sacrificing a few pawns, you see, to save the queen. Anyone half-way acquainted with the UFO data, however, knows only too well that the majority of cases of this kind are quite impossible to explain in such a down-to-earth way. So is there nothing at all for the serious ufologist? Well, I wouldn’t say that. There are first-hand accounts (primary source information, if you will) of UFO sightings and encounters in the Readers’ UFO Sightings section, as well as articles describing personal encounters with strange lights, some captured on film. Then there is some good investigative stuff on the Berwyn incident and a critical analysis of the McMinnville photos. Of general interest are the reports on events: to wit, one on the debate by the Royal Society on the consequences for science and society of detecting ET and another on the Rendlesham lectures. I didn’t know quite what to make of the final piece titled Nazi Raiders of the Crystal Skull. What had this to do with UFOs? I skimmed through it, then combed through it again. Toward the end I came upon a sentence which read: ‘Some... consider crystal skulls to be creations of extraterrestrials’. Ha ha, I like it.

Joseph Dormer

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PostSubject: Re: UFO MATRIX REVIEW BY JOSEPH DORMER   Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:41 am

This is very interesting to know. However I am wondering why your being allowed to post you magazine is better then any other in a magazine forum.
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