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 Some details I put in my sighting to report to mufon,

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PostSubject: Some details I put in my sighting to report to mufon,   Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:24 am

Date: 1996-08-14 00:00:00
Date Precision: approximate
Time of Event (Local Time):
Timezone GMT Offset:
Time Precision:
Timezone Name:
Duration of Event:
(Nearest) City: Nashville
State: Tennessee
County: Rutherford
Weather Factors:
Short Description of UFO Event: A ufo the size of a beer bottle from 1 foot away from my face was the size of it from 3 stories above me at 3 miles.
Detailed Description of the UFO Event:
A ufo the size of a beer bottle from 1 foot away from my face was the size of it from 3 stories above me at 3 miles. It was saucer shaped, and had an American flag on it. A friend of mine who works near Oak ridge air force pace didn't confirm or deny, but said it wasn't out of the realm of possibility.

The location was in between Oak ridge and cook ville when I was around 7 years old.

Ar first I thought it was indeed an airplane. Except an airplane wouldn't be saucer shaped. And the few experiments that were done, couldn't get more than 5 feet in the air. However this was about three stories.

It was flying straight, however very slowly.

I had another sighting a few years later, but this one seemed more unusual.

For many years after the sighting, I experienced nightmares about being chased by alien creatures.

I lost sight of it after turning away after 30 seconds.

What was particularly bizarre, was that nowone else seemed to see it, so I was hesitant for many years, cause i don't want to seem crazy.

Witness Release Agreement: yes
Total Number of Witnesses: 1
Location: Unknown
Agreement: Unknown
Witness A - Name: Matthew Guffey
Witness A - Street Address:
Witness A - City:
Witness A - County:
Witness A - State/Province:
Witness A - Zip/Postal Code:
Witness A - Country:
Witness A - Anonymous: No
Witness A - Birth Date: 1989-05-03
Witness A - Gender: Female
Witness A - Occupation: Other
Witness A - Educational Level: High School
Witness A - Educational Degree:
Witness A - Vision: Excellent
Witness A - Colorblind: No
Witness A - Eyeglasses/Contacts: No
Witness A - Hearing: Excellent
Witness A - Uses Hearing Aid: No
Witness A - Health (During Sighting): Excellent
Witness A - Health (After Sighting): Fair
Witness B - Name:
Witness B - Street Address:
Witness B - City:
Witness B - County:
Witness B - State/Province:
Witness B - Zip/Postal Code:
Witness B - Country:
Witness B - Anonymous:
Witness B - Birth Date:
Witness B - Gender:
Witness B - Occupation:
Witness B - Educational Level:
Witness B - Educational Degree:
Witness B - Vision:
Witness B - Colorblind:
Witness B - Eyeglasses/Contacts:
Witness B - Hearing:
Witness B - Uses Hearing Aid:
Witness B - Health (During Sighting):
Witness B - Health (After Sighting):
Witness C - Name:
Witness C - Street Address:
Witness C - City:
Witness C - County:
Witness C - State/Province:
Witness C - Zip/Postal Code:
Witness C - Country:
Witness C - Anonymous:
Witness C - Birth Date:
Witness C - Gender:
Witness C - Occupation:
Witness C - Educational Level:
Witness C - Educational Degree:
Witness C - Vision:
Witness C - Colorblind:
Witness C - Eyeglasses/Contacts:
Witness C - Hearing:
Witness C - Uses Hearing Aid:
Witness C - Health (During Sighting):
Witness C - Health (After Sighting):
Witness D - Name:
Witness D - Street Address:
Witness D - City:
Witness D - County:
Witness D - State/Province:
Witness D - Zip/Postal Code:
Witness D - Country:
Witness D - Anonymous:
Witness D - Birth Date:
Witness D - Gender:
Witness D - Occupation:
Witness D - Educational Level:
Witness D - Educational Degree:
Witness D - Vision:
Witness D - Colorblind:
Witness D - Eyeglasses/Contacts:
Witness D - Hearing:
Witness D - Uses Hearing Aid:
Witness D - Health (During Sighting):
Witness D - Health (After Sighting):

Witness(es) - Education, profession, experience summary:

Observed: Object(s)
Number Observed: 1
Viewed From: Car
Viewed Through: Window
Elevation - Degrees above horizon when nearest to witness: 30
Lowest Altitude:
Distance From Witness: Over 1 Mile
Flight: Straight-line path
Direction First Observed: Unknown
Direction Last Observed: Unknown
Shape: Disc
Surface: Reflective
Structural Features: Insignia
Apparent Size: Golfball
Actual Size: Under 1 ft
Prominent Colors: Grey/Lead: Surface
Unknown: Surface

Exterior Light Characteristics: None
Emission: None
Sound: None
Also in Area:
Did the Object(s) or Light(s): Hover,Give off Heat,Spin,Appear Solid,Have Fuzzy Edges
Like I said, I didn't know the exact distance, except that from what looked like 3 miles, it was the size of a beer bottle if it were a foot away from my face. It had an American flag on it. which is why I at first thought it was an airplane.

Device Affected:
Type of Effect - Signal: None
Type of Effect - Lights: None
Type of Effect - Engine: None
Type of Effect - Auto: None
Type of Effect - Instrument: None
Type of Effect - Surroundings: Sound Absent,Temperature Change

Species: Dog
Reaction Type: Excited,Aggressive,Fearful
Calvin was always an excitable pup, but he was anxious at this time. He was a toy poodle.

Psychological: None: During Event
Calmness: During Event
Thinking Impaired: During Event
Memory Lapse: After Event
Dream(s): After Event
Insomnia: After Event
Phobia: After Event
Obsession: After Event

Physiological: Dizziness: During Event
Body Temperature Change: During Event
Eyes/Sight: After Event
Ears/Hearing: After Event
Nose/Smell: After Event
Sleep Disorder: After Event
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Some details I put in my sighting to report to mufon,
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