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 Coming Up On Paratopia

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Jeremy Vaeni
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PostSubject: Coming Up On Paratopia   Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:17 pm


Dec. 3rd 2010
Keith Chester

Keith Chester, author of Strange Company - Military Encounters With UFOs In WWII, joins us to talk about foo fighters. Think you know everything about foo fighters? Think you know anything? Think again. This one's full of new information and it's all meticulously documented thanks to Keith's diligent four-year search through FOIA-requested files. A great companion piece to the Jacques Vallee episode!

We often lament the lack of good research being done in ufology. Rest assured, we can add Keith to our growing short list of the good ones. Learn all about his work here:


EDIT: Keith Corrects Me - I just saw your post. Fantastic. Thanks. Wanted to bring to your attention something that may be of no consequence. The files I reviewed were not FOIA released to me. These are records that have been in the public domain, as handed over by various agencies. Current FOIAs are documents the agencies withheld after handing over to archives. This is how I understand it. This probably is a detail that's not really important to the average listener. But wanted you to know difference.

Dec. 10th 2010
"Brian Reed"

Emma Woods is finally vindicated with this news-making (and jaw-dropping) episode. A young man known in David Jacobs' work as "Brian Reed" steps forward to tell his story of working with Jacobs and the pseudonymous "Elizabeth." If you think hypnosis over the phone was damning, wait until you hear about hypnosis through instant messenger. Good god.

This one's important because Brian wasn't just a subject from a distant land. His mother figured heavily into Jacobs' book Secret Life and somewhat in The Threat. Jacobs and Elizabeth were friends of the family until Brian decided to undergo hypnosis with Jacobs and saw what was really going on. The result wasn't pretty. But at least now Emma is not alone. And clearly NOT CRAZY.

This one's also important because it has major implications for the abuse of hypnosis in this field. Most of you get that we need to do away with it but there are still some holdouts who want to make this all about David Jacobs or even some mythical "agenda" the hosts have. It isn't. We are truly committing crimes against ourselves every time we us this tool wrongly. This is not a conclusion born of an agenda, it's born out of the facts. Brian Reed presents more facts that we can ill-afford to ignore.

Dec. 17th 2010
Nick Redfern

The ever-popular Nick Redfern returns to talk about his book Final Events. This is one we've been waiting for, savoring the moment... and reading the book. What happens when a clandestine group of political and military insiders form a think tank to investigate the UFO enigma through the lens of Fundamentalist Christianity? We will find out all about it, including new information not in the book.

Keep up with Nick Redfern at:

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Coming Up On Paratopia
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