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 Black Triangles

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PostSubject: Re: Black Triangles   Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:54 pm

Its been over a month since I posted that and no response. Is this site just dead?

Walt, you should post a picture of said craft if you have that much information. I really need to see if its what I saw....what "everyone" seems to be seeing. I consider my/our sighting to be unique compared to other sightings as mine was at close range and in full daylight, I got an incredible view.

There are reports from all over the world, even reports from "unfriendly" countries where the USA has no reason to be in their airspace,of these crafts and I highly doubt that the USA would share this technology with EVERYBODY and it still be a "secret". Could you imagine what would happen if that got in the wrong hands.

I agree with this thread and feel a group should be put together to investigate it. I think posts should be set up all over the world if possible(i'm willing to take my area but now I have an agenda, I want to know what I saw). More than that though, we need to stop looking up and start looking down for these crafts, by that I mean recorded satellite images that track in real time zeroed in on hot spots...right now, for the last 3 months one hotspot is in Anglesey, North Wales and some feel that they could be USO(I think they are one and the same). Point is, they are already here, and likely based underwater(from what I saw i'm convinced they are) so searching out in space may be a waste of time.


Let me go into that. The craft I saw was grey in color but it also looked dirty, like it was buried in mud. It was "thick" through it, maybe 30 ft or so and around 200 ft along the side and 100-150 ft across the back.( The best viewing angle I had was the left bottom,side and back(150-200 ft away). I did see the right side and top but that was at a great distance away (3000 ft)and I couldn't distinguish any details.) If you was to look only at the back it would look like a "rectangle", and on the lower left-hand corner of the "rectangle" there was a huge barnacle and a long piece of ribbon kelp.

Now those are huge clues to work with. Austromegabalanus psittacus ,the largest barnacles, typically get 12 inches high and are native to Chile and southern Peru. Thing is, the one I saw was much larger, about the size of a washtub or bigger in circumference and 4-5 ft high, and its characteristics resembles the common barnacle, from my area, which typically only grow 1/2 inch big.
1st) How does a barnacle grow to that size?.... radiation?Time?
2nd) Right beside the barnacle was a strip of ribbon kelp about 15-20 ft long.One single strip.
3rd) For both of these to grow they must be in salt water.
4th)For both of these to grow, what they grew on must be stationary.
5th) For both of those to grow on a "craft", the "craft" had to be there awhile and be pressurized to the elements.
6th) For "mud" to be all over the craft it had to obviously be driven deep into muddy sea bottom.

You show me a "Blimp" that stays underwater for long periods of time, and can drive itself into mud...you can't. Now i'm not saying they only stay in salt water, i'm just saying the one I saw appeared to be but when I saw it it was well up river and then crossing over land. I have a feeling it was looking for a lake to submerge in. I can only deduce that it was under salt water.


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New Member

Number of posts : 13
Location : Maine
Registration date : 2012-12-14

PostSubject: Re: Black Triangles   Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:31 pm

...oh yea, its moving characteristics...

it seemed to "rotate" or "pivot" ,from a complete stop, when it made a turn and when it rose above the trees, it seemed to raise its front"nose" up first then the "back" would rise to equal height of the front before moving forward. When it crossed the road and got above the treeline to our left it seemed to stop moving forward and "rotate" a little bit to its right then started moving forward again up over the trees out of sight.

anyways, count me in.
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Black Triangles
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